Themes for 2016 - National Feast of Lanterns "World of Movies" & LCDA Small Feast of Lanterns "Out of this World"
Afternoon all

Hope you've all had a great weekend. From what I have read on Facebook, those who attended Cotton Arms has a brilliant time>

If you are off on your Summer holidays, stay safe and I hope you find the sunshine wherever you end up.

In the meantime we have a full compliment of Temporary Holiday Sites open until September. See our THS page for more information.

We are off to the National Feast of Lanterns in Malveren in a couple of weeks. Watch out for pictures xx
Don't forget if you are waiting to be accepted onto the LCDA Facebook page I need a photo of your membership card emailing to me at:

Im still waiting for my email inbox to fill up with weekend reviews and feedback on the website when you're ready. �

Reviews can be found on the relevant site page.

Please do use the contact form and get intouch. Best review of the season may well be in for a suprise.

See you on the field soon x Jo x
You are invited to ....
For the next couple of weeks the D.A. weekend meets will be joinig our T.H.S's around the country.

See our THS page for more information.

Happy holidays everyone !
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As the oldest D.A. in the North West and one of the oldest D.A.’s in the club (est 1914), we have a long history of fun and friendly weekends.

We meet most weekends from February to November. During the winter months we also get together for socials.

As our name suggests we have meets all over the Lancashire and Cheshire counties and sometimes we will sneak over the borders into the surrounding counties such as Derbyshire and Yorkshire.

We will give a warm welcome to all members of the Camping and Caravanning Club at our meets, holiday sites and activities, no matter what DA or Section is printed on your membership card. If you are not yet a member of the Club, and you wish to know more please visit the Club"s Website.

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